There is so much to love and talk & share

There is so much to give, there is so much to show, so much to talk.

But we are so scared. We keep things to ourselves. We don’t share with that one person we all wanted to share everything with. Just because we think we will stress them. But they know that you are hiding it they know you are stressed and you are not sharing it. You know guys these small things start making small difference in every relationship. Why cant we speak our heart out to that person we have promised to share our life with and even with them who has given us our life. Why?

Do we even remember talking about our problem with our partner or parent. Why do you think that they will not understand. They have brought you in this world and one have hold your hands till his or her last breath. Why are you leaving them half way? Why ? 

You know these are very small things you need to understand may be sharing won’t give any solution, but I m sure that sharing will give you so much strength to fight. Double power.

You don’t have to do out the extraordinary to show love. You have to do just a small gesture to love. Share, talk and care. That’s it ,No expensive gifts. Not getting stars, moon or coming back from mars. Just stay on earth and do a smaller things which each and everyone are capable of. Share your problem that is most important and first step to make any relationship stronger. Support and fight together. That bond will have stronger force to fight with any thing.

Always stay silly when in love. Don’t think twice to share your feelings or problem with your loved one.  

I am not any Relationship adviser but I think sharing is the first step even to build trust and believe in your loved one. Share your feelings share your problems talk to them. Because when you are stressed and you are not talking to them about it. It will only give them more stress and then that will lead to overthinking like are they not capable, are they not understanding etc.. And when they will be in problem they will surely hide their problem with you, so share. This is not only with your partner. Even parents you should share all the possible problem with your children that will not stress them but will make them strong for the future. Like if you have any financial  problems talk to them. They should know and talk to them even about the solution rather than lying and make them feel that there is no such thing like financial crunch. Teach them how family stay together even during worst days and even how to stick together always. Sharing is the only possible way to make our bond stronger. Sharing leads to build trust and love. Share and  talk wisely with your children make them understand so that they don’t need anyone else to talk but you. Now a days it’s easy for a child to talk and share their problem with their friends and not parents. Why? Because parents never talk about their mistakes and problems but friends do and they think they are on same page and friends will understand and not parents even their partner in some cases. So let us share, make our force stronger and love.

So talk, share, care and love 

Eternal Beauty 

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