Just Rise Above All Religions

There are so many religion and in that religion we have sub religion. We have so many gods for every religion.

Have you all ever wonder why there are so many different gods and religion? And who made it and why? And what is our role and responsibility towards it? I believe in god.

I am a believer in the power in any form which everyone in this world believe and that universal power that run this universe.

What is our role apart from praying and always asking to full-fill our materialistic need.What have you done for that power. And why as a human we need a form or religion to pray. In Hindi we call it shakti (power) why cant we humans pray to that power or shakti without any form.

And I believe that all gods in world have some quality which we can indulge with in us thats why they have taken different forms so that we can learn from each and everyone and not fight for them. A small example a hindu god Ganesh (elephant headed god) do you even know what are his quality or you are just praying may because your wish have been fulfilled . No god or power is there only to fulfil your wish they are there  so that you can become your own master. Ganesha (elephant headed god) his quality is innocence. He is so innocent that he can not discriminate anyone he can love everyone equally. That is the quality we can take from him. Similarly Jesus. He was so forgiving. People have crucified him but he forgives. That is the quality we can adopt from him why we take grudges and sit let’s forgive people. Allah his quality is of pure knowledge. Let us have a pure knowledge the truth which is within yourself. Know your inner self. It’s written that one day your hands will speak. I believe that means you yourself should know what is good for yourself and what is wrong and be your own master. 

Let’s just rise above all this religion. Because in the name of the religion people are fighting and i don’t believe any religion have told us to that. All the gurus (teachers) they were enlighten souls. And when they have not fought for any religion or cast who are these religious people to fight and divide us. You can believe in any one may be any guru Abraham ( forefather of the 12 tribe of Israel( Isreal c.2000 BC )Shri Moses (founder of jewish law (egypt 1250BC)shri Mohammed (founder of Islam (Arabia d.632 AD) Shri Guru Nanak (founder of Sikhs India b.1469 ) none of the above incarnation have told us to fight against each others religion or believe only in one god. They all have teach us that there is only one power (shakti ) then why we have turned so stupid that we cant see. People who think they are religious leader does they even know the quality of the god they believe in what are that god’s actual teaching. Where is it written that they are the only god and other all religion and gods are fake, no where i believe so why cant. we all believe in all religion and take all the good quality of gods and guru which they tried to teach us. Pure knowledge love kindness and becoming our own master.

And here in my blog I m not disrespecting any religion , cast and trying to hurt anyones beliefs in god. And if you are hurt,I am really sorry. Please forgive me if I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt anyones sentiments.

Let us spread love kindness and peace and don’t forget to forgive everyone 

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