It makes me happy at the end of the day

Am I writing to become famous or to earn money. Are people really interested in reading my article. There are so many people writing better than me and they are really good with it. Should I give up writing? Should I learn? do a course of how to write. This is my hobby. I want to do a business but I love writing Huh ! 

I am not sure if any of you have got this thought. But I am always getting it in my head. And once in a day I think I should give up writing . And then I stoped writing for few days but then I was still thinking about writing. And then I thought it doesn’t matter if someone read it or not if there are grammatical mistake . If people like it or not. Will I become famous or can I earn money with my writing skill which I am not sure is good or not.For me I am a superb writer. 

No I am not here to earn money or to become a famous writer. I don’t care if there are people who are having better writing skills than me. They are not me. 

So the point I am trying to explain to my self and others as well, is it’s ok if people think that you are not good in something and they don’t like it. But if that thing is making you happy do it. And here I am writing my thoughts out and its ok if you don’t like it. It makes me happy at the end of the day that all really matter. There will be always someone better than you but they cant be you. They cant think or feel the way you think or feel. So if you love anything which make you happy and even if you are bad with that its ok at the end your happiness matter. Off course if you want to pursue your carrier in that then you have to master that skill And improve everyday by learning it. Be it your job may be playing a musical instrument etc. anything you like and which Is not harming or hurting anyone and is out of love then you should do it. 

I have a job but writing makes me happy so whenever I get time I write on my blog and I am doing it just because I love it . It gives me a satisfaction of being on my own. And I think I am great in that. I write my heart out I don’t think of a topic I feel it and it comes down automatically without even thinking. I don’t select a topic and think about it. It comes naturally and sometimes I share an experience or situation I have seen in most of the peoples life. I just give it a thought. Write down my opinion on that situation. Thats it and I think even if one  person is benefited by my blogs I will be the most happiest person and even if no one reads I am still happy. Because my happiness is not attached with a person or thing it is attached with my self. And writing make me happy then i’ll write no matter what. Do your job complete your responsibility  and do what you feel like. 

Love what you do. Your happiness matter at the end even sitting 2 min alone in room or looking yourself in the mirror makes you happy do it. 

You are power of your happiness.

you are the happiness

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