A scarifies done by a father can not ever be return in any form.

The person may have not kept you for 9 months in the womb like mother but have taken care of your mother during the time you were in that tummy. All the hormonal changes she must have experienced. But all the tantrums her anger her mood swings the mid night craving for the weirdest  food which is obviously not at home and past mid night hour. All those thing have being fulfilled by him for that little baby in the tummy. Most of the dad pretends to be so strong they will never  shed a tear out of his eye. 

Father will never show you how much he loves you because he cannot, he have made him self emotionally so strong.  But guys you should understand may be he is not asking you anything but you can sit and ask him about his day and talk to them about yours. Because he cannot tell you his problems he have in office and all the tension he has. But when you talk to them they feel so loved and for few hour may be he just forget about all the worries. 

When we are in our teenage we hate them the most because he put so much of restriction and he keep a watch on us we are so irritated that we don’t even wanna see him. Whenever he is around we go to our room. But have you put yourself in his shoe. Try to do that one day. I will just give you one example may be a stupid one.How you feel when your girlfriend or boyfriend or anyone you like the most talk to someone and according to you he is not a right person for no reason. You get insecure. Just imagine he is your father and teenage is the age where you are bond to go in wrong path because you think that is cool. He just want to protect you.

He have scarified so much but never showed us. Sometime we were so stubborn that we wanted few things which was just a thing for us but for our dad sometimes it was a big deal because he never made us feel that we were going from financial crunch and we don’t know how he bought that thing for us. May be for few of us dad have only earned. May be he have not giving enough time to us because he was so busy to full fill our dreams our materialist need. 

Not only today but every day should be a fathers day because he is the person who work so hard every day to full fill our every day dream. For him its not just a 10 to 6 dream job or business for him, it is fulling dreams of  his children and provide them all what they want. A scarifies done by a father cant not ever be return in any form. 

Today what ever you are what ever you have achieved and what ever you have a smallest thing to the biggest thing you have its because of him. So respect what you have got because you don’t know how he have got it for you. Today where ever you stand obviously it’s your hard work but without the support of your father you may have not achieved it. 

So cheers to all the father in the world and even to those female who have played a fathers role for their children

 Happy fathers day Love you dad.

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