Be the best actor in your character.


All those who are with a family, we are so privileged. Family plays an important role in our life. But due to this busy schedule we forget them. They are just left may be in some picture we clicked together. They are so important .

 We humans have a nature we always forget the most important thing which actually matters. I know we fight, we disagree, some time we don’t even talk to each other. We only realise when its all gone.

People, it’s family let us stay together. I know we fight we all are different we are not the same. But these all small thing matter if we have a family. We are privileged we have someone to fight we have a family to argue. We have some restrictions. We have them when we are sad. They are there during our happy time but they are even there when no on is there. When we actually need them. 

Let us stay together with our parents let us adjust with our in-laws . Its ok they are old even they need time to adjust and adapt a new person more than you do. You just got married maybe or few year you are still young you can adjust why to leave .

life is very short let us all stay together.Little understanding little fight little argument is what family is all about. We don’t know how long we are in this world. Let us be there for our family. 

Money and success will come all on time and may be it can go and you have to start it all again one day but even when you want to start again their will no one not your friends or business partner no one all will leave but family will stay together. 

Family is like a glue we stick together all the time .

So let us stick together love each other’s faults and flaws. Get angry don’t talk for sometime but stay together. Your mom dad brother, sister are your real gem and success. I know sometimes is difficult but time will pass. It’s better to adjust than to regret later. Family is difficult sometimes but it is that gem, so precious that you cannot afford to lose. 

Lots of love. Love can fix everything sometimes even misunderstanding in the family. Love is all you need to give along with time. Please guys stay together under one roof its that dramatic movie which has romance thriller drama etc.. live that movie live your character to the fullest. Be the best actor in your character.

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