there is new virus and no one is talking about it

There are so many things going on in the world.But this is a new virus and no one is talking about that and some even don’t know that they are already in contact with that virus. They are living with that.

Fear of losing someone, fear of being not accepted in the society , fear of getting ill, fear of death fear of loss in business and so on.We are afraid of not even taking medicine on time and thinking that will fall ill. And some take medicine out of fear even though they don’t have anything.

What is wrong people? Precaution and fear are two different thing. Fear only leads you to do more mistake knowingly or unknowing.  There is always an alternate way to do things. 

Just because of this fear some people die.yes thats true. Fear will led to wrong path and you will always keep choosing the same path because that fear have attacked your thought process. 

And there is only one medicine that can cure that fear that is Acceptance.Its ok to get scared but don’t keep that along with you forever. First let us understand one thing. 

When you were a kid and whenever you go to a playground you use to run, slide down from slides even try to climb trees etc. we were not scared because, you know that, you will do it carefully. Thats where the precaution has been taken for our self. Then even after that sometimes we fall and we get scratches. And then we get scared when we fall from the slide for the first time. That fear get stuck in you. But when you go again to that park you try again with some more precaution. And not doing that mistake again because of which you fall. You don’t stop yourself from playing or going out to that play ground. Because this time you have accepted that fear and tried to be more cautious and when you succeed without falling from that slide you got the right way to do that. The same thing go with the life, work we do in our everyday life. 

You will get scared when you try something new . You will fail. You will get scratches but this time scratches will be in different form that is people judging you may be. But you know the trick now and don’t let that fear make you sit at home and get  you into depression or any sort of negativity. Because that scratch will heel naturally and you have to accept those mistake or failure but without any fear . Because that will only help you to succeed and will help you to fight with this virus named fear which is trying to grow in you. Don’t let that fear close the door of opportunity that is  just beside you but because of this fear you are not able to see because it has captured your thought process. Don’t be scared of anything try to be safe but don’t let this fear rule you.

And don’t forget to love yourself and accept yourself the way you are

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