Its not important how your relationship ended

You have so many people around. your loved one, your friends, your children, classmate, colleagues, and so many the list goes on. Some of them are very close to your heart and you completely trust them.They can be anyone, you have a different kind of relationship with them and you just get connected to them. you like spending time with them.

Today I will be talking about that little expectation from that relationships you develop since childhood and still its an on going process.

Many a times there are relationship which are there for few weeks ,months, years and then its lost.. don’t know how it ended. why it ended, and once in a blue moon you remember them thinking how things were.

But what about the ending .. its not important how it ended. It is important how you have ended it. And the second most thing is are you still getting effected.

I know there are sometimes when things are not in your control. When you really want everything back the way it was but then its done. you have to move on. I Know that you are hurt and may be you are hurt now and you have nothing to do because you can’t even go out because of this pandemic.

someone have broken your trust.But what went wrong you have no clue about it.

First you have not loved yourself enough.Second there was too much of expectation from your side that’s why you are hurt today. I came across a whatsapp status where it was written some people are not even capable to sit next you, but have have made them sat on you head.

why? do you really need this. why do you have so much of expectation. so much that you are so hurt. why to have so much expectation. you are two different people with two different conditioning and thought process. why can’t you just let go. It was you who trusted them. It was in your mind that they will not cheat. It was in your mind that they will not break your trust. It was you who had so much expectation from that particular relationship.

Why can’t we have relationship without any expectation. why we can’t end things on good note. Its ok he/she is not worthy of your friendship or love.But you gave it. But if you are really a true friend or a lover why do you expect. Let me explain you this way.

when a women is pregnant she give love to a child basically a foetus which is not yet born. she take care of that child who is in the womb. She never expect anything from that child inside her . But for a matter of fact that child inside the womb repairs the organ of the mother if it is damaged while she is pregnant.

This is how it works when you don’t expect anything you get it all. without even knowing it and you love that. But when you bring that expectation in between that’s when the damage is done. Love a person unconditionally but don’t keep expectation from them. keep expectation from yourself . keeping aside that ego and expectation will keep you happy. your happiness is all that matter . Your self love is all that matter. If you are a happy soul then only you can keep other person happy. If you don’t keep any expectation even their small gesture like getting some veggies from market or going for grocery shopping together or maybe not doing anything together will make you happy and you will be thanking them even for that.

And I believe this the point when with you don’t expect anything from them you get everything and that keeps that relationship for a very long time. This is when that damaged organ is being repaired without you knowing it. That damaged organ are the problems and faults that every person and relationship have. which is automatically repaired because you are just feeding love, honesty and trust and anything else.

And I believe that’s how long term friendship and relationship work. Fights and disagreements are those kick that mother get when the baby is the womb. Here its make your relationship strong without those kicks you will not enjoy this relationship.

so keep loving but not expecting. If you have any expectation keep it for yourself. So that you can be a better person and achieve your goals and dreams because your dreams and goals can have expectation but not relationships.

keep loving yourself.

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