Ashamed to be human

Everywhere on social media there is this news of a pregnant elephant. She was out searching for food, and few locals in Kerala served her with a pineapple filled with crackers. She died with a 15 month old baby.

This how humanity is turning. She never harmed anyone or destroyed anyone’s house nothing still she was treated like this.

This how India’s highly educated state is. They don’t fear god they don’t fear karma . If this is what human is I really wish it’s better to die. How can some one be so cruel.

They don’t even deserve to have a mother . Whoever have done this. I can feel the pain of that mother .

Now in USA they kill a man because he was dark in colour. Really dude . Is there something which we can not do. We are even worst then animals. At least animal won’t harm other animal for satisfaction of his ego and just to feel how powerful he is just by killing innocent and helpless one.

Still you are not powerful .

Education lead us to this. It’s better to be illiterate . Or does we need to add a subject called love or how human should behave.

I have no words to write. Can’t express what I m feeling right now and there is so much to write and express but my heart is filled with so much pain and this tears don’t stop rolling down.

Please learn how to love if can not love at least don’t hurt.

It’s a saying if you can’t talk good about someone don’t even talk bad. At least you can follow this.

And this why we are facing so many things Coronavirus. Earthquake. Cyclone. I really wish if human are turning into devil I wish it’s better earth ends. I know there are some good people. But it’s of no use because some how they will kill few of them maybe choking them or by feeding some inappropriate thing. We don’t know how devilish human can turn. It’s better to die with the help of nature by any natural disaster.

If we die by natural calamities or disaster. At will have a little faith in humanity not they will not be considered as murderer.

(Pardon my English and grammatical mistake )

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