Don’t you feel The pressure

We people have tried so hard to prove other people that we are better and what capabilities we have .

Don’t you feel the load and pressure from all the responsibilities you have .

What you actually want?

I am not saying run away from your responsibilities. But do you ever feel the pressure of that responsibilities.

It’s not the pressure of responsibilities but the pressure of forgetting about your self. Don’t you think it is also a responsibility to take care of yourself. You are doing great job with the roles you have of a mom as a boss as a wife and so many more as a female even mens have so many role to play responsibility as husband as son as a father and so on . What about the responsibilities you have towards your self.

I am just saying that it’s ok if you wash your dishes 5 mins later. It’s ok to take a 5 min rest for yourself after your work from home or even after quarantine. It’s ok if you do things after 5 mins. Because you are also responsible for yourself. And you don’t have to workout during that time of your. You have to know your self more. Don’t do anything during that time may be for 5 mins or may be 1 hour it’s totally upon you. You have to do what you love.

Responsibilities will be always there till the time you die. you will have responsibilities. But you will not have that movement in which you wanna know yourself. Those beautiful marks on your face on your body. Or may be just seeing a grass how beautiful it is . It is your time. It’s not compulsory to think and fight with your thoughts all the time. It’s ok let the thoughts come and go don’t argue with your thoughts.

Try to be yourself and don’t think about people. May be hugging yourself for 2 mins is your time. Love your self. Then only these responsibilities will be a fun job to do and not a pressure.

First be responsible for yourself then for others

Responsibilities are just a part of your life. Loving yourself is part of how you live the life and movement you have for you.

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