It’s quarantine time

Many of you guys are very productive and some are working out and trying new things,maybe cooking is your new skill . But I m sure that few of us are lazy to do anything. And you know I think it’s ok to be lazy and lying on bed paying games and eating. I am not saying that people doing creative things and all the other stuff to keep them busy is bad its really good and I appreciate all of them.

But It’s ok to be at home doing nothing. Just don’t do it to keep yourself busy do it because you want to be happy. Let’s do something different this quarantine let us make ourself happy by doing stuff which make us happy and it can be anything . For few sleeping makes them happy for few making food keep them happy so let us focus on happiness and not just keeping ourself busy because we are so use to our lifestyle that we need something to be busy . so that we don’t get depressed but never thought of being happy. So this quarantine let us find out what makes us happy spending time with one particular family member or entire family maybe playing games together makes you happy so this quarantine let us do things that make us happy and not just keep us busy. You are going to be busy once all this is over and that time you can’t do things that make you happy because you will be very busy so let us do stuff that makes you happy and a happy person is a healthy person so let’s be happy make other people happy
Keeping spreading happiness and love and not corona love you guys

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