Be in your limit girl!

Since childhood you have been hearing this be in your limit. Ever done a mistake and ever heard your parents telling you be in your limit. Specially in India. What is my limit?

Motivational speaker says “sky is the limit”. Parents,husband ,society says be in your limit. And when you do something which is wrong or possible not according to them you are out of limit and they will make you feel that you are bad as if you have made a huge mistake. And they keep names whore, slut, bitch, etc

Sometimes even standing for right thing or even complaining about something wrong is going out of your limit.

Can someone tell us why there is always a limitation for female even a small girl should know her limitations. But why there is no limitations for boys?? what are their limitations. Is there any limitations for men? Whatever his role is a father ,a son, a husband, a brother etc.

Who will teach them their limit? Staying in limitations is really freedom? Dose freedom come along with limitations? Why there is always a limitation. Why there are always a boundary for a girl, a wife,a sister etc.

A mother goes out of her limit to protect her child. That time neither child or any male will ask her to be in limit.when she cook for her husband look after his family no one ask her to be in her limit. Why ??? When she over loves each and everyone no one ask her about her limits ? That time where dose the limitation goes ???

Just because it’s their profit there is no limitations ?? Why? What is limitations what is maryada? And this maryada this limitation have not come up one day it’s been there since human came in existence? What is our maryada (limitation) and what is yours? Do we still treat male and female equally in our society? Or equality just means yes you can think you are equal just because we treat you better ( better then the way men treated women in 80th century) you can work but with all the limitations. Why ? Still there is so much difference and still we can not see that difference. And we think we are equal and now females have more freedom than they use to have. And thats why they are going out of their limit. Really?? Must have heard this line from one of the female.

Must have heard of Ramayana. What sita did? Where did she went wrong she raised her children all alone and she was in her limits . she was doing everything alone.she was asked to prove her self. she went out of her limit to prove that she is right. And she was not accepted. why?? Why females always have to prove you men? That we are in our limitations. Still we are not accepted? Why ?

Going for a office party be at home before 10pm. Can’t stay at friends house too late.why??Even wearing clothes have limitations? Really dude?? And sometimes they think wearing short clothes is notwithin our limits and give them right to rape? What’s wrong with you men? At least you should know this limitation. But you know the fact staring, Eve teasing etc. they think they are in limit and we are not. Give me a break now. Dude this is not acceptable and we are in our limit and you are not . Get yourself clear at least here.this is basic.

Am I born just to be in limitations? When will this circle of limitation will break?

Equality and freedom dose not come along with limitations. We are not running from our responsibilities we are working, looking after your family,our children. And you don’t wanna help in households stuff and one day when we need a break we go out of our limits according to you. Why? Their is right or wrong but their is no limitations for anyone I think. So stop saying this thing that girls should be in their limits.

Limitations are just in your thoughts they way you think. Their is right and wrong thing. But no limitations I believe.

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