Housewife ! What is her role? She is just sitting at home doing nothing that is the first image comes in mind when u hear that word house wife.

She is always told that she don’t do anything just sit at home. She is Always Told that u can not do anything.

Yes she don’t go to office she don’t earn money but still at the end of the day she is tired. Yes she is tired listening to that words that you that u don’t have any work you just sit at home . She don’t work she sits ideal and you still get all your stuff at place and you never keep it on place still it is found in the same place. She is not working at all but still u get your food on table whenever you ask.

She keep on asking what you wanna eat and you can’t even decide that what you want and still you get your favourite food and you say that she is a housewife and she don’t work.

Ok you have maids for everything and who manages them how does a maid in your house knows where to keep your thing and what exactly you want to eat and what kinda taste you want . She sits ideal right but yes your maid have a magic that she knows everything about you.

You adjust with the employee but one day if she puts little salt in food you can’t adjust.

Your friend get pissed on you just bcoz you did not do something according to them and you try to please them and you are friends again .

But she is a housewife she don’t work so you have every right to get pissed on her for no reason and she should be the person to forgive you first. Why a housewife is not working that doesn’t mean she don’t want respect.

Because of every housewife in the world your kids have food on time you get your food on time. A housewife is a person who keeps your family together. Because of that housewife your cloths are washed ironed and you have it on time .And in India because of that house wife when you are back from work she is the one who massage your legs because she thinks you really Worked hard sitting on that chair. And that housewife Handel your children and look after all their tantrums and drama without complaining it to you.

So stop saying that she can’t do anything or she just sits around at home. She needs a little respect and deserve little love and two words thank you.

Thank you to all the housewife who are working throughout the day to make things perfect for your loved one without getting paid.

Thank you so much for everything

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