Its 21st century and women are running the town. Every house have a girl boss. She is confident ,powerful and a self-made girl. But no one is talking about her. No one knows her and no one can see her achievements.she is not even appreciated for her work.

No one is talking about the real Girl boss. No one even talk about her even after so much she has done. The girl who is always fighting but never gives up. No one recognise her and not even a single appreciation. They are the reason someone have achieved his or her dreams. No one is talking about that women who was the best supporting partner for their husbands and children. All the support they needed when he was torn apart and no one believed in his dream but she did. There was a time when they were rude to her and still she said nothing because she knew that they are tired even though she was hurt and she wanted to cry out loud because she was also lonely and mentally broken from inside. But she never showed and swallowed her tear down the troth and was standing strong. Because she knew she can’t show them her weakness and how upset she was because that will only distract them. She was like advisor, loyal and honest soldier for them. She never let them get their guard down.

They are the real boss. A wife a mother and a sister .All the female around the globe who are always supporting others dreams .A mother still get appreciate by her children. But what about all those wife who are always their for their partner .For those wife who gave up on her dreams so that they can help their husband achieve his dream. And that husband forgets to appreciate you while he was busy achieving  his dreams and appreciating his employees for hard working. Girl you also need an appreciation and you really roll like a boss.

So guys I know you are really working hard to achieve your dream and goals and at a point it will be for her but don’t get so busy that you can’t appreciate your most important player she also deserve. Because I m sure when you think everything is over she is the only one standing firmly and telling you its ok and give you all the strength to fight with the situation and sometimes she even take all your frustration and silently cry at night but never let you know and happily starts another day with a huge smile as if nothing happened. so all the bosses around the world you are really doing a great job and I love you.

you are the real boss and you really roll like a Boss !

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