Get them cured by yourself ! High blood pressure and diabetes

India is the country of Ayurveda and there are so simple remedies that can be done at home to get cure by such problems. But let us first look the root cause of this problem .

It is no use giving water to leafs when the problem is in the roots. Meaning taking medication will only help you to control it but what about curing it completely.

Now a days we have so much busy life and we are always in rush. Working and thinking 24 hours. And there is no attention to our body and medicine will only work to control and not cure it. So have you ever thought how u have got high blood pressure or diabetes. How did it even enter your body?

Stress overthinking and working more then your capacity is what got you high blood pressure and diabetes.

Yes diabetes is not caused by having too much sugar or sweet. After getting diabetes we should avoid it because sugar support diabetes but sugar or sweet are not the cause of diabetes. In India still people have too much of sweet and sugar in village.still they don’t get any of these diseases.

I am not saying don’t work or don’t plan a future yes you should but keep a goal and vision but after setting the goal just work for it and don’t think about it like how will it happen u have set it and u really want it u have planned it that’s it u just need to work on the plan you have made.And just do your work rest everything will fall in place. Thinking and not working will not help you in any way but will get you near to high blood pressure and diabetes.

Now how it happens ? When you just keep on thinking day and night. And you work without letting your body rest. Heat is generate. Our body is like machine if u keep a machine on 24*7 it will be dead one day the main engine will stop working. Similarly even if you overthink and you are working 24*7 and think about future. You will not be able to reach Near your vision because you will be not there to witness it . Because your body will give up.

So when you work more then your capacity and then keep on thinking,overthinking heat is generating in our body everyday. And our liver is heated. when that heat is not able to get out they give you high blood pressure and then leads to diabetes.


We have to cool our liver to get cure from high blood pressure and diabetes . So everyday we need to put ice pack on our liver that is right side of your lower abdomen and keep it till the time you want minimum half and hour and then wash the ice pack once done and freeze it again. Repeat the procedure again. And you will guarantee see that your blood pressure is getting normal

If you are on your medication do it along with it because if you are on your medication from a very long time stopping it all of a sudden may cause a problem. But those who are facing high blood pressure and have not started medication I recommend them to do it and will surely get cured without medication. Even if u don’t have any of these problems you can still do because we all are always in rush and working and stressing about thing. And there will be no side effects

Thanks for reading will really appreciate if you will share and comment down your thoughts

Thanks and god bless you all and keep spreading love

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