Stress takes away your opportunities and happiness

This is world full of stress and people with depression and even when happiness knock at the door they are scared to open one when opportunity are in front of them they don’t know how to make best use of them.

And some people are sitting and waiting for some miracle to happen or may be one day they will turn out to be lucky.

Some have faith they go to temple churches mosques and all the religions place and pray for what they are suffering from get cure. I m not saying don’t go or believe on god. But even god can not help if u don’t have faith in yourself. And even before that do you really know god? What quality our god have if not then why are you praying.?

I have been searching for truth for so many years and there are seekers of truth who have been looking for truth . After so many years what I have understand is everything is in you all the religion all the god the whole universe is within us. I have been searching and I came across Sahaja yoga meditation. Where is no religion there is no racism and they work for free world wide.They believe only in one power that is within themselves.

This is the most beautiful religion I have come across so far where is no religion and no protocols. No fake guru. They believe they are their own guru. The founder of Sahaja yoga Shree Nirmala Shrivastava was an incredible women so educated and have been awarded by so many countries world wide. And whatever she claimed was based on science. Whatever question you have can be answered with the help of science

Why we need a religion or a I idol to solve our problem. Interestingly when everything is in our hand. And how ? That is through just been in a state of thoughtless awareness and putting our problems out in universe and ask the universal power to solve it. So let us now let universe solve the problems. Share things to our mother universe and she will take care for you. And then there is no staying back and crying then we are just left with joy and happiness

For sahaja yoga you can log on to

No I have not been paid to promote it . I have been practising Sahaja yoga and I have seen the results so positive and my life is blessed.

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