7 billion trees planted in one day

It takes few hours to clear a small forest! And as we know there are so many climatic changes happening because we are destroying our environment every second.

Let us spread and share one new message this month and help ourself . Why do we need someone to save our planet or an organisation to look after these problems. Today let us be one and not only nation but the whole world all the 7 billion people around the globe. Only for a day let’s us all come together and make a new record.

We have only few days left. So spread this message all around the world as much as you can all the 7 billion people on 21st of March 2020 let’s us spend few penny and a minute from our life and plant a tree near our surrounding on same day. Let us all together return our Mother Earth what she have given us for so many years let’s us plant trees or seeds and make earth green again please share this msg as much as you can and let us make this earth once again a beautiful place to live. Only 1 plant only one seed can help us save the hell on earth situation. Us all together take this Initiative and make it a success

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