Stop Reacting to things !!

Witness is the best form of joy

Stop reacting To things.

Just become a witness to everything. Now a days it has become a culture we can’t live our parents or in laws, why ? Most important role in the family is not a man but a female. Yes it’s true it’s 21st century and now we share everything equally there is no discrimination between a male and female.# gender equality

But still there are few things we can not change. Like a lady can only bring a life a father can not and it is so beautiful. Similar we can not change that a female is only responsible for keeping her family together.

This universe has given us so much power that we can do anything. For a fact we refer our planet as Mother Earth. Because only a mother can bear all the drama and pain and still she can be so forgiving. A mother can not hold grudges on her child never.


And the most important powers we have is to be a witness and enjoy the life

Be a witness of things I know sometimes it’s very irritating and people around you wants to work in their way and they don’t listen to you let’s do one thing go away from that place or ignore and just stop reacting. Later do it the way you want but if they do the job their way and if the job is done n you get the same result so what’s the problem your work load is less infact that time you can do something of your own or just witness them don’t react and then you will find the joy in life if you are always in witness stage. Just see everything like a movie as if u have come to theatre to watch a movie you enjoy it and then you leave all the dram behind and live your own life sometimes you even get to learn new things so just be a witness

I am not saying to witness a wrong thing and don’t do anything stand for the right thing. But sometimes it’s difficult at work place and even at home, we all have different method of doing things so just stay calm And let other people get a chance to do things in their own and when it’s not done then you can always do the way you want. So relax keep yourself cool listen to things and just smile and say thank you. Thank you because this is another way of the destination. And if that path is wrong then will obviously follow your path the way you want so just witness and don’t react and don’t forget to love yourself.

Witness is the pure form of joy and practice is the only way to stay in witness state .

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