Love is not stupid or blind it’s innocent

So as we now it’s month of February and love is in the air. And hope u have started loving yourself first. And you are your own valentine. If not then please ask yourself out first and then to other.

So in my previous blog I have written about love and relationship which are innocent and that’s how love is innocent. And let me tell you there is very thin line between innocent and being stupid.

Love is not stupid or blind it’s innocent

Let us first get the concept of innocent clear. So innocent does not mean not using your brain. Innocent comes along with smartness. So when you care for someone you love with all your heart and you are ready to give them all what you have with not expecting anything in return is innocent. But here is a twist and the biggest question?

The person to whom you are ready to give your everything is he worth it.? Or is he just trying to use you and have no value for you. And when you know that and if u still continue to share your life and things with that person it’s stupid. I m not saying you should stop loving them . No stop showing them. Try to keep a relationship but not at your loss.

A mother love her children with full her heart and she is ready to fight with the world for her child. But when a child is wrong then she is the one to correct it. she does not just abandon the relationship with her child.

She loves and keep loving him and correcting them but if her child still continue to remain the same she leaves. Not the love.

But she stop putting any effort. And that’s why it is truly said when u lose a person you know the value of that person.

So this kind of love which is innocent but not attached is pure love. And I have never seen such a pure love like a mother dose to her child.

A mother keeps herself healthy when child is in the womb and love herself first.

So why can’t we love ourself each day like that because love starts from you if you love yourself then only you can love others.

That is what innocent is loving everyone without any attachments but with our self respect and loving ourself first.

And sometimes leaving a person on there own is healthy for them as well as for you so just leave. Instead give 100% to yourself and see how beautiful you turn out and then you can spread love to everyone and not only to one person. But to people who deserve to be loved like your parents, friends , siblings etc.

Love is pure and is unlimited so start with yourself so you can share love with others

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