Love? Forgive and forget

As we know it’s February, month of love.

I think love is innocent like a child. A child don’t know what relationship he have with the person he is playing with, he loves everyone equally without knowing the relationship status with the person. He knows only one thing love. First thing we need is to be innocent like a child a pure soul then only we can love. But before loving others first let us love ourself.

Stop feeling guilty about yourself, what u have done is done you can’t change it so stop feeling guilty and forgive yourself. Most important thing forgiveness. It’s ok if someone has hurt you or made you feel sad or sorry for something you have done . Forget it and forgive yourself and to all the people who have done something bad to you . It’s ok sometimes shit happens. You can not hold it throughout your life.

Forgiveness is the best way to start loving yourself. And stop feeling guilty about yourself. It’s ok. Love yourself say it to yourself that I love you . And just hug yourself first. Say it I forgive myself . AndI am not guilty anymore. Then only you can love others and then only you can spread love. So this February let us start from ourself first. Forgive, forget and love yourself first

Love is the strongest and most powerful language. Just learn this language and everything around you will be yours and the experience will be beautiful and life will be wonderful. Open your heart for yourself and then just see the love spreading.

Forgiveness is the first step which you have to cross. Start with yourself first. Love is like a ocean endless.

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