Eternal Beauty

What u need to be beautiful?

Its not only about how beautiful you look and how graceful you are when you walk You can only be beautiful when you are beautiful from within, no its not a saint giving you lecture but it actually works , no doubt about it that you have to work on your looks and walk and even the way you present your self.

Definition of beautiful

But this is not sufficient because your face represent you. You can cover the scare of face with the make up and be beautiful, but your face represent your nature and heart, have you ever noticed your face? It change when there is a change in your nature change . Have you ever heard someone saying that “I wish if god has given the label on forehead so they can know the person” . So guess what I think god have heard all those innocent people. But it’s just that we are not able to see the label or read it. So we have to get our degree in that. And it will be every easy to read each and every persons  nature, because it’s all there on their face. You just have to see it. You must be think what stupid  thing am I talking so before you doubt on me ill give you a small proof. Human nature they want everything as a proof. So here it is.  ( this experiment I m doing now will be using you ) first look your face in the mirror before experimenting it. so now u can just go deep down in your thought and think about a incident in which you  felt every happy or angry about something or you were loved by someone or you wear hurt by someone or when you are very sad . Close your eye for 2 min and imagine that same thing happening right now with you.Ok all those who are sad angry happy. Now look your face in the mirror once again. Can you see the changes you have made just by thinking about the incident . 

Congratulation you have already passed the first step of reading face. Now as you have the proof you believe me your eye and face are they way you are.Have you ever seen your picture when you were a child or another child may be your own if you have any. When you see a baby or when you were a baby you must have noticed people saying that you look so innocent. Because thats the way it is your nature is innocent and so your face and eye. Your heart was so innocent. You were not knowing what is right or what is wrong you just did it because you wanted to do it. And soon as you know what is right and wrong and then you have people telling you what is right and wrong and that innocent  is lost.

how you can achieve it will let you know in my next blog

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