There is so much to give, there is so much to show, so much to talk.

But we are so scared. We keep things to ourselves. We don’t share with that one person we all wanted to share everything with. Just because we think we will stress them. But they know that you are hiding it they know you are stressed and you are not sharing it. You know guys these small things start making small difference in every relationship. Why cant we speak our heart out to that person we have promised to share our life with and even with them who has given us our life. Why?

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Just Rise Above All Religions

What is our role apart from praying and always asking to full-fill our materialistic need.What have you done for that power. And why as a human we need a form or religion to pray. In Hindi we call it shakti (power) why cant we humans pray to that power or shakti without any form.

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It makes me happy at the end of the day

it’s ok if people think that you are not good in something and they don’t like it. But if that thing is making you happy do it. And here I am writing my thoughts out and its ok if you don’t like it. It makes me happy at the end of the day that all really matter. There will be always someone better than you but they cant be you. They cant think or feel the way you think or feel. So if you love anything which make you happy and even if you are bad with that its ok at the end your happiness matter. 

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A scarifies done by a father can not ever be return in any form.

The person may have not kept you for 9 months in the womb like mother but have taken care of your mother during the time you were in that tummy. All the hormonal changes she must have experienced. But all the tantrums her anger her mood swings the mid night craving for the weirdest  food which is obviously not at home and past mid night hour. All those thing have being fulfilled by him for that little baby in the tummy. Most of the dad pretends to be so strong they will never  shed a tear out of his eye. 

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Be the best actor in your character.

All those who are with a family, we are so privileged. Family plays an important role in our life. But due to this busy schedule we forget them. They are just left may be in some picture we clicked together. They are so important .

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Its not important how your relationship ended

You have so many people around.Your loved ones, your friends, your children, classmate, colleagues and so many in the list goes on.When you really want everything back the way it was but then its done. you have to move on. I Know that you are hurt and may be you are hurt now and you have nothing to do because you can’t even go out 

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Love? forgive and forget

I think love is innocent like a child. A child don’t know what relationship he have with the person he is playing with, he loves everyone equally without knowing the relationship status with the person. He knows only one thing love. First thing we need is to be innocent like a child a pure soul then only we can love. But before loving others first let us love ourself.

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Stop Reacting to things !!

Witness is the best form of joy

Stop reacting To things.

Just become a witness to everything. Now a days it has become a culture we can’t live our parents or in laws, why ? Most important role in the family is not a man but a female. Yes it’s true it’s 21st century and now we share everything equally there is no discrimination between a male and female.# gender equality

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Its 21st century and women are running the town. Every house have a girl boss. She is confident ,powerful and a self-made girl. But no one is talking about her. No one knows her and no one can see her achievements.she is not even appreciated for her work.

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Ashamed to be human

She was out searching for food, and few locals in Kerala served her with a pineapple filled with crackers. She died with a 15 month old baby.

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What u need to be beautiful?

Its not only about how beautiful you look and how graceful you are when you walk. You can only be beautiful when you are beautiful from within, no its not a saint giving you lecture but it actually works , no doubt about it that you have to work on your looks and walk and even the way you present your self.

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True and lasting solution to correct ills can be found only by inner, collective transformation of human beings.”

-shree Matajinirmala devi

Keep spreading love to yourself and others…